Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

May 23-24, 2014

Cris, Marki, Judith, Miko, Nico, Mon, Hai, Bryner, Charles, Gerald, Eunice, Jazsy, Victor

Bolinao falls, alaminos pangasinan
Arrived a bit late but still managed to have fun at this first stop where we had our lunch prepared by Nico or Judith. First free fall jump along the falls. Thrilling, exciting and so damn anti badvibes from the agit tour guides.

Enchanted cave
Cold sub terrain pool inside the cave which i will trade for any beach experience under the scorching heat of the sun. Its summer, yes, and we love the water, yes. But we were amazed by its beauty, it exceeded all our expectations that we are ready to drop every other itenery we have planned. Thus the start of the agit tour guide saga.

Purot beach
Nah. Just an ordinary white/dirty white beach. Or maybe enchanted river just raised the bar of expectations for us

Seafood restaurant for dinner
Usual dinner by the bay. Nothing special. Even the food is overrated. I cant remember the name of the place. Thats how bad it is.

Vistas islas resort and hotel – Room 202 – Bahay pasugalan
Learned a new card game. Easy mechanics but fast money circulation. As usual, i dont join card games where there is money involved. Not my kind of game i guess. I got so bad luck even beginners luck has dammaged reputation in me.

Hundred islands – beach hopping
Governor’s island
153 steps to reach its summit where there a good view of almost all other islands. PBB house is also here – is that really famous? Just a so-so house in the middle of a hundred islands. Its cool for a location, other than that, nothing special. But this island is really a good starting point where you get to see other nearby islands.

Monkey island – because there are monkeys. No beach area
Romulo island – romulo named it. I dont know why or what for
Marcos Island – highlight of the trip
Conquered cliff diving. First jump was as the lowest platform available in the cave. The drop feels so relieving. Emotinal thrust. Letting go of everything. Ready to die moment but it feels fulfilling as water touches your feet. Panic rushed in, jumping is just half of the fun. Paddling your way out of the cave with around 8 feet deep water is a challenge if your drop didnt go well and your butt and thighs are all aching.
This island’s beauty captured us that we are ready to throw the itenerary we have again. But we have to move on. There are a hundred different experiences in each island

Quezon Island – where most expensive lunch is served. We didnt eat here.
Turtle island not because there are turtle but because its shape looked like one. There are crocs though.
Bat island – weird that those bats are of different kind than those in the caves weve been.
Children island – didnt asked why the name
Cuenco island – last stop for lunch
We are all too tired and hungry to swim. And i think there is no beach area in the island. The food is reasonably priced. Food is usual but fresh.


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