Coron, Palawan

January 31, 2014
Erin, Vanie, Mabel, Dada

Day 1:
9:40 flight to Coron
11+ Arrived at Apartelle Gabrielle
Lunch at Centro Coron – Adobo kambing, grilled liempo and tuna steak – all must try
3:30 town tour
Park – Reclaimed area near market
Municipal Hall
Town church
Mt. Tapias – 750 steps. 30 mins climb. Scenic and perfect view for sunset
Maquinit Resort – hot spring that flows to open sea.
Kasuy Factory for best kasuy pasalubong
Santino’s Grill for dinner, nothing special
9:30pm back at gabrielle

Mt. Tapias sunset view followed by a dip in hot spring resort – Maquinit. I was surprised that it was a salt water hot spring but nonetheless it didnt stop us to enjoy and take a relaxing stretches after the climb.
Kasy factory offers a slightly higher price for their products. They are known around travelers, thats why. If budget restricted, kasuy are also available in the market for lower price.

Day 3: Wet most of the time.
6:30 Breakfast
7:30 left Coron and started our boat ride to Malcapuya. 1.5 hrs away.
First stop at Bulog Island, Banana island – because of their a lot of coconut tree according to a bully tricycle driver, Malcapuya Island.
Banana Island has the best snorkeling spot while Malcapuya has the best accomodation. Bulog island on the other hand is a good place to stay away and be alone.
12:00 lunch by the boat. We opted to have our lunch while traveling back to camalian group of islands instead of staying in Malcapuya. Time is precious for us since all destinations for 2 day tour is compressed to just 1 day.
Atwayan beach and skeleton wreck is next on the list. Skeleton wreck is a good spot for snorkeling as well.
Twin Peak and Kayangan Lake is a must see beauty as well. Kayangan Lake is within the protected areas of Tagbanua, tribesmen here in Palawan. A quick painful, stressful climb must be conquered before reaching this hidden paradise. So peaceful and calm. Fresh water to wash all salt water from the whole day tour is a refreshing experience.
5:00 back at the hotel
8:00 dinner at kawayanan grill. Exotic crocodile must try. Garlic pasta as well.

Day 4: Sun Kissed
9:00 marinated danggit for the last time
11:00 ATM hunting since we are already running out of cash and most ATMs are offline
12:00 Back at Centro Coron to try more kambing dishes but I chose pansit instead.
1:00 Landbank saves the day. Withdrawal at last!
2:00 Enroute to Francisco Airport in Busunga.
Played with kids to pass time.


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