QA work-week-day-out

Feb. 6, 2013

With Netsuite’s best QA’s, we went trekking at Taal.

Assembly time is around 4:30 – 5:00 am so we can be at the crater at around 8, when the sun is not too hot yet for walking our way up. But with all good fortune, I woke up 15 minutes before 5. I have to prepare my things, take a bath and walk/ride to RCBC. I arrived 2 minutes before 5. Late comers will have to buy coffee for everyone, 22 cups!

We took a boat from Talisay to Taal. It was a smooth sail. Then we arrived at the shores of the volcano. To our surprise, we are at an island not too far from what we believed as Taal Volcano. Thanks to misleading books and post cards.

Going up to the crater is really a deadly challenge. With burning heat of the sun and not enough water. I remembered trekking to Anawangin. It was actually a nice experience. sweating it all. But what I hated is my passing out when I reached the top. I should really work on my cardio and boost my stamina. All in all, I really enjoyed the view up there. I never thought there can be such spectacular place near home. It feels like I am a total stranger at the lake where I actually grew up. I love the view, fresh air, calm breeze, steady clash of waves at the shore. I am at home 🙂

Going down, I rode a horse for 2 reasons. One, experience because I never rode one before and its a perfect timing because of the second reason, I passed out going up. Thus, rode it to be sure I would be able to enjoy the rest of our day-out.

On the boat going back, best waves for adventure seekers but not for the faint-hearted. The waves ridiculously crashed into the boat because we are directly heading opposite the wind.

Then we traveled back up to Tagaytay and headed to Taal Vista for lunch. So much for working out and tiring ourselves trekking, we ate  until we are all full. It was a buffet so I actually can’t tell how much I ate. After eating, we go out for a walk and the club actually has a good spot for over-looking at Taal.

After taking a lot of pictures at Taal Vista, we go out of way just to be able to buy some pasalubong at Sonya’s Garden. I thought it was overrated. They actually served good cookies and pastries but I think I wouldn’t go out of way again just to be at Sonya’s. Unless maybe if I’m coming from Nasugbu and it is actually on the way.

After Sonya’s, plan was to go to Nuvali but it changed when we stopped over Rowena’s for more pasalubong. They thought about going to MOA for dinner and having KTV after. But all changed again when we were stuck in traffic and we all felt tired and exhausted.

We just headed back to RCBC, part ways and call it a day.

*thanks to Pao and Gelo for the pics!


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