Captain Awesome is awesome.

Ang 3D/2N escapade sa Boracay ay talagang bitin. I was with Brian, Jet and his girlfriend Anna. We stayed at Casa D’Estrella which is a quite nice place and the attendants are really accommodating. It was thanks to Cash Cash Pinoy deal that we got this cheap deal.

We spent our first afternoon walking along the shore. Trying to burn what we ate and our skin as well. That night we tried to look for an appetizing buffet meal. We walked from Station 2 to the farthest end of Station 3 to check all the restaurants. We ended up walking back to Station 2 and we chose the restaurant that served a lot of talaba.

Then we drunk at Guilly’s in Station 1. The DJ is ridiculously great. He has played silly OPM songs but I thought it was actually cool because it did not sound off. And then came Captain awesome after we had 3 pitchers of weng weng.

Captain awesome is awesome. He can climb trees, walk on water, fly and jump over big gaps.

The following day, Saturday, we woke up at 11. Worst hang over. I dont know what to eat or drink. Swam for an hour then had an epic phone call. I was also able to try chori-burger. We went to Grotto at Station 1 then had a massage at Haplos. After the massage, all I can say is. “Thus the name indeed is Haplos”. We had mozzarella-filled burger for dinner. Then tried to party at Cocomangas but the music wasnt that great so we came back to Guilly’s which to our surprise was just across the street.

The following morning, I set my alarm at 6am so I can check the stores for pasalubong but we all woke up at around 8. So we had no time to shop anymore. We had our lunch at Kalibo, in a restaurant across the airport.


One Response to “Captain Awesome is awesome.”

  1. Cool! Glad you enjoyed your deal in Boracay!

    ~CashCashPinoy Team

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