On controlling temper

A father is teaching his son the value of controlling temper.

His father told him, “Son, every time you’re angry, get a nail and hammer it on the fence.”

The son did as instructed.

On the first day, he hammered 37 nails on their wooden fence. But as the days went by, he hammered fewer nails each day. He realized it was easier to tame his anger than hammer nails.

Finally, a day came when he didn’t hammer a single nail. The boy went to his father and told him the good news. “Dad, I’m able to control my anger already.”

The father said, “Congratulations son. I’m happy for you. Come, let’s remove the nails from the fence.”

As the son pulled out the last nail from the wooden fence, the father said, “Son, do you see what I see?”

“Nail holes,” the son said, “Lots of them.”

The father looks him in the eye and says, “Son, next time you want to say angry words, remember this fence. Even if you apologize later, angry words leaves a scar in the hearts of people. Even if you’re forgiven, that scar remains for a long time.”

Just stop.


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