facebook account ng mga heroes

Have you ever thought of it? Our great heroes having their facebook accounts during those colonizations times. Heroes such as Rizal, Aguinaldo, Tandang Sora? Or even Rizal’s hookers Maria Clara, Segunda or Josephine? What about Sisa?

Here’s how their wall should look like. Incase, just in case facebook already exist in their times.


10 Responses to “facebook account ng mga heroes”

  1. aylabet! hehehe! san mo napulot to abet? *thumbs up* πŸ˜€

  2. wahahh! nkakaTawa talga ito…


  3. Mr. Nonsense Says:

    LAPU-LAPU: me pulutan na ako…imported pa!

  4. ang effort ng gumawa neto!haha..nice one!

  5. waaahhhhh….kaaliw naman ‘to!

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