gala galera

Indeed we conquer our fears!

Almost everyone in random, either whisper or out loud, was asking should we go or not. It was a rainy Thursday last April 30 and we have a scheduled getaway by that date. In the news, three low pressure areas were visible over the Philippine Island specifically over Mindoro – which happened to be that day’s destination. How lucky we are! We all thought. It was a long due getaway and of all the dates the rainy day of summer would come, its the date we set for the much awaited, much anticipated reunion slash bonding slash treat slash gala.

But all was set and everyone, in the back of our minds, would like to push through with the outing. Then Yani bursted, wag na sumama kung hindi buo ang loob! Then everyone decided to go to Batangas Port and see the weather condition there ourselves. And from there we shall decide whether or not push through.

To make the long story short, Batangas Port was in not so fit condition for travel but it is notably tolerable. No rain, just drizzles. No strong wind blowing which implies no waves in the sea! Perfect coincidence! We have decided! Puerto Galera, here we comes!

It was past 1pm when we arrived at White Beach Shore. Hungry as we are, we still cant hide our excitement. We ate. Then we unpacked. Then we dressed on our beach wear. Then we started the fun! There’s par-tay. As always, Obi made us all laugh! His predictions are coming into reality. Who hadnt feel goosebumps as MP won by KO in 2nd round! Obi, say your prayers! You’ll have 2 out out 9 (unsure) sane kids. Elma, youll have to pay for Jay’s vasectomy or else. Jessa, you have 10 more BFs! Arra, Mark, just invite us. Start saving coz before your 25th, youll be married! How sweet! Shayne, treat us when you pass the board! Yani, youre leaving the country! Pasalubong! For some reason, I cant remember other predictions on you. Were you invisible that night? Joke. Yani, so happy for you!

Its not yet the last trip well have. Right? Hope theres more to come and theres more to come with us!



4 Responses to “gala galera”

  1. what a coincidence!! hehehe.. we stayed in the same place while we were there last april 24-26 during our office team building..hehehe.. saya naman!! wish i was with you..anyways.. next time na lang!

  2. Abet. kakabalinguynguy naman post mo. hahaha.
    But a nice one. :’)
    I guess we really owe the trip to Yani and Arra who took care of the reservations and stuff. Thanks thanks!
    And we should also congratulate ourselves for being brave.. *smug smile* to think that we still went in spite of the pasaway na weather. Ha. Ha. Two thumbs up to us!

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