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    August 7, 2009 ? The Top Ten Euphemisms 

  1. Caloy 311 – In our barkada, the term we use for girls who are hot, flirty and bitchy, is “subterranean”. It’s a euphemism for “sarap tirahin yan”.
  2. Dyn – We had a prof in college who we called Pocahontas because she looks like a pokpok.
  3. Astroboy – Percussive maintenance – the art of whacking an electronic device for it to work again.
  4. JoeCool – He’s not losing hair, he’s gaining face!
  5. Peo – Tagalog euphemism for panty its “salung-guhit”.
  6. Astroboy – I’m not unemployed…I’m a job seeker!
  7. DatgurL/Justin – When you’re called “BUTTERFACE”, it’s n0t a compliment. It’s short for – “Everything’s pretty BUT HER FACE.”
  8. Daisy6 – During college, there were 2 girls we used call “wacky”, because their eyebrows were tattoos, they don’t have kilay. That’s why it’s “wacky” = “walang kilay”.
  9. tyroncaliente – We call someone wearing tight pants, “boy piso”. Sa sikip ng pantalon, pati bigote ni rizal sa pisong nasa bulsa, nakabakat.
  10. Astroboy – “Taong uy-ay”: Pag nakatalikod, “Uy!” Pag humarap, “Ay…”
  11. No name – “PPPP” means, papalapit ng papalapit, papanget ng papanget.
  12. Elanor – In Clueless, Cher said, “She’s a Monet. From far away it’s okay, but up close it’s a big old mess.”
  13. John 090 – When someone asks about work, tell them, “Ayun, CEO pa din sa company namin.” CEO: Common Employee Only.
  14. Mike Apol – We call ugly spinsters SAMSUNG: SAMa ng mukha, SUNGit pa!
  15. No name – I used to call somebody PITA – Pain In The Ass.
  16. Jose de vengenge – “Jackpot” – Pinay na may boyfriend na foreigner.
  17. Dru – People with bad breath: “Foot In Mouth”.
  18. Espeks/Kebong – Hindi siya janitor, sanitary engineer siya.
  19. angpaghihimagsiknijoeshred – Every morning he woke up “pleasuring the pickle”.
  20. scrambledegg – Sa Pinas, ang “straight acting”, “straight curious”, “straight tripper”, at “swinger”, isa lang ang ibig sabhin: “bakla”.
  21. BertongTigaz – I call girls with very small boobs: “walanjo”, medium sized: “mejo”, big boobs: “mountain jo”.
  22. abetabet – baby brains is as good as innocent but bitchy.



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