mumu de espanyol

normally, hindi ako matatakutin sa mumu, not until last night. hindi ako makatuog kase last last night, may nakita ako sa kwarto namin.there was a tall man by the door, staring at us. i was awakened for some weird reason and the moment i opened my eyes, he was there tiningnan ko kung lahat ba ng roommates ko tulog, baka kase room mate ko lang. but to my surprise, tulog lahat. ung nakita ko, is a man in white long sleeves, wearing a cap i cant recognize kung anong design (bull cap ba un or hat or bonnet). then he’s wearing a dark pair of pant. i can say he’s much more like a spaniard-like ang features nya, matangkad, maputi. matangos ang ilong. then i went back to bed just ignoring him. the next morning, i took a bath and go to work not bothered by what i saw. when i came back, i felt something weird. i had goose bumps and it felt like my curls straightened. only then i remembered what i saw and i can no longer sleep. sana next time na magising ako, wala sya, or khit nandun xa, di naman malapit.


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