partners in crime

Charlie, Me, Johnny, Harold
I can’t remember when we last met, eto mga barkada ko in Tanauan but they eventually moved back to their home town, Batangas City. Charlie stayed in Gonzales for just a year while Harold was there just for a month or two but the time we were together cannot determine what we really had gone. Just like this guys:

Migs,Me and Kuya Ryan
These are my cousins, but of all my cousins, they are the once I can relate all stories I have in mind. We share the same thoughts, interests, and ideals. Thus, making our get together a moment full of fun. We chase the sun until everyone was not able to run anymore. Youthful energy is really amazing especially when you have your friends with you.

The Dream

We shall all work abroad, buy our own cars, set it up for car shows, drive it through the town, screaming our way going to every destination our cars will lead us.
We shall build our own houses, raise a family and shall be loyal to them. Keep the friendship living through our kids as well as our wives.
In times of difficulties and challenges, we shall work together, help each other.
We shall be happy forever.
We shall be young forever.

woohoo. tambay every night, kwentuhang walang sawa, paulit ulit man, di nakakatamad pakinggan, dun tayo masaya e. sa sampaloc, sa waiting shed, sa landing, sa tagaytay, sa janopol, sa santor, sa tanauan, sa sto. tomas, sa sala, sa drag race, sa car show, sa fiestahan, sa birthday-yan, sa kasalan, sa kahit anung handaan, sa kahit anung okasyon, sa kahit anung lugar, basta sama-sama, lagi tayong magsasaya.


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  1. People should read this.

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