HR Matters

I’ve been thinking of possible ways on how will I deal with some people in the organization; how will I get their trust so that they can relate me everything they would want. I would like to be someone they can approach in case they have something to deliver or disclose with the body. But things does not go the way I want it to be. I become a monster they fear, someone they would least talk to.

All I want is to protect the name of the org.

I admit I had done something wrong. I should have done it in a better way if only I controlled my temper. Things would have been much better. They should have not turn their backs at me.

It’s sad when all I can do is stare at them. Watch them. Though I can talk with them, the space between us is significantly dominating our closeness. I can sense them moving away.

Now, how will I deal with people?
Will everything be back to the old times?
Will everything be back on how it used to be?


4 Responses to “HR Matters”

  1. 1) Ang cute ng monster na attached with this post. 🙂
    2) Salamat sa Link Love hehe may nakukuha akong traffic galing daw dito sa blog na to according to Google Analytics. Hehehe
    3) You can never please everyone. I never have. It’s ironic how sometimes our good intended actions end up being actions we regret. I’ve had people hating me because of things I have done in the past that was not really intended to hurt anyone. Most of them walk the extra mile and understand but some prefer to keep it a grudge forever.

    “It’s sad when all I can do is stare at them. Watch them.”

    When it comes to matters like this I wish that you be not like me and shun away from the problem. I know you’re better than that Abet. You’re a super HR dude! 🙂

    Keep Blogging.

  2. thanks mica for encouraging words

  3. @mica: ditto. 😉

    kaya mo yan abet. deal with “them” — well, they are your (OUR) friends. diba? friends take care of each other. so take care of them not as if you are their HR head or as if it is your responsibility (although it is), but as a friend who cares. =D

  4. huwaw, nice approach. tnx 🙂

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